All new Little Legends and Arenas in TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes
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With every big Teamfight Tactics update comes more opportunities for players to customize their cosmetics. With the Dawn of Heroes expansion, players will be able to add five new little legends to their collection as well as five new arenas. Here are the new TFT Reckoning Little Legends for the new update, the new arenas, and how to get them.

Adventure themed Little Legends

Little legend good dragon skin
Image provided by Riot Games

The theme this time around for the new little legend egg expansion is RPG/Adventure. Little Legends from previous sets have gone on a quest and have equipped some dungeon crawling gear. Fuwa takes on the role of a druid, Molediver is playing the classic paladin role and Umbra is well uh…dragon. Each Little legend comes with their base neutral version as well as a good and evil version too.

Little legend evil dragon skin
Image provided by Riot Games

RPG Themed Battle Pass Arenas

TFT Reckoning Update - RPG arena

Obviously, with the new update comes a new battle pass. Just like in past sets, the battle pass will feature some new arenas that can be unlocked as rewards. Just like the new little legends, this time around the battle pass will feature some RPG themed arenas. Each looks like a different level from a stereotypical game in that genre.

High Noon and High Order

At the beginning of set five Riot released a Chaos Pengu that was available in the battle pass and also released a premium Count Spatula arena that was available for separate purchase. With the light side winning in the new TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes update, Riot is releasing the High Order Pengu available in the battle pass and a High Order Arena for separate purchase. There will also be a High Order Sprite in the battle pass as well.

High Order Arena
Image provided by Riot Games

The arena features what appears to be a dining hall. In the press event for the update, the development team mentioned that the food will be flying around throughout the game and the econ markers are indeed food as well.

TFT Reckoning Update High Noon Arena
Image provided by Riot Games

But that’s not all. Just like with the Pool Party Choncc and the Pool Party Arena, a fan-favorite theme from League of Legends is making its way into TFT. This time around its the gunslinging wild west them, High Noon. A new High Noon Squink will headline the little legend portion of the theme and a new High Noon arena will also be available for purchase.

Exact details on prices have not yet been announced for the new TFT Reckoning Little Legends and arenas. Stay tuned for more details.

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