Apex Legends: Saviors Trailer reveals Newcastle and Storm Point updates
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Respawn Entertainment revealed the upcoming season of Apex Legends, Saviors on Monday. The new season is dropping on May 10 and will include a new Legend, map changes and gameplay updates. From the trailer revealed, the three big additions include a reworked ranked system, Newcastle and new point of interest on Storm Point.

The New Legend- Newcastle

Apex Legends Season 13 will mark the addition of another Legend named Newcastle. Newcastle enters the game as Bangalore’s long lost brother, Jackson Williams. The hero of Harris Valley, as he is also called, is a defender armed with a massive shield. In the Savior launch trailer, Newcastle uses this shield to protect other Legends from the huge sea monster that comes ashore on Storm Point.

The gameplay trailer also shows Newcastle defending himself and his teammates with his shield while under crossfire. The Legend’s abilities will prove useful for many teams looking for alternative defensive options to Gibraltar, Wattson and Caustic.

Everything new on Storm Point

Apex Legends: Saviors marks the first huge map update to Storm Point. The new season will introduce a new POI, Downed Beast. Downed Beast emerged from the carcass left after all the Legends combined to defeat the sea monster on Storm Point.

New POI on Storm Point, Downed Beast
New POI on Storm Point| Image Provided by Respawn

This new  POI is a high tier loot location in between The Mill, North Pad and Checkpoint, and will afford players more drop and looting locations. Moreover, the beast’s hard shell will provide cover for players in overhead attacks.

Storm Point Map update
Storm Point Map update| Image Provided by Respawn

Furthermore, Storm Point will now contain four IMC Armories. The IMC Armories were long-buried automated combat support structures filled with valuable cargo.  The emergence of the beast on Storm Point led to their activation. The available loot inside the armories is under the care of Spectres. Teams who activate the armory will have to survive multiple waves of Spectres for 60 seconds to receive smart loot geared towards their loadout upgrade. Players can hot drop at the IMC Armories for a good starting kit or weapons.

Asides from this, the map will include some gameplay and user experience updates like a new Prowler camp near the Cenote. It will also come with improvements to the existing spider nest north of the Command Center and prowler camp southwest of The Mill.

Jimoh Rashidat is a freelance esports writer with over two years of experience. She covers FIFA, League of Legends and general gaming content.