Apex Legends Season 6 finally makes the Mozambique a practical weapon
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After a year and a half, the notorious Mozambique shotgun pistol is finally viable in Apex Legends. Since the battle royale’s launch in 2019, the Mozambique has been the subject of many memes thanks to its horrid performance. A shotgun pistol isn’t usually the best weapon in any shooter, but Respawn Entertainment took it to a whole new level. While it’s felt the weapon has always had potential, it’s simply never been given a big enough buff. However, in Season 6 of Apex Legends, that buff was given to the Mozambique.

Mozambique worth it in Apex Legends?

For the longest time, the only reason you ever would have had a Mozambique in your inventory was due to necessity. It was merely the first weapon you saw after landing, and of course, you pick it up. However, nearly anything else is a better option than the shotgun pistol, no matter the situation.

Although, it’s not just the performance of the Mozambique that frustrated players. It’s also the fact that it seems like the shotgun is found more than any other weapon in Apex Legends. Perhaps Respawn does this as a joke but it can be quite irritating seeing as how bad the gun was.

Of course, in Season 6, the tides have turned. Respawn recently gave a fairly big buff to the meme-weapon that tightened the bullet spread. One Reddit user showcases this buff in action perfectly.

With the new buffs and the spread being so little, the Mozambique is now a viable weapon for mid-range fights. If you break a shield, landing even just one or two pellets w/hammerpoint midrange, you can turn the fight in your favor. Now get out there and disrespect your opponents! from apexuniversity

Although you’ll most likely need to find Hammerpoint Rounds to see results like in the clip, the Mozambique can still be quite deadly. Since Hammerpoint Rounds do more damage against non-shield health, you’ll want something like a Volt to knock an enemy’s shield off. Then, you can use the Mozambique with Hammerpoint Rounds to finish them off at close to mid-range.

While the Mozambique isn’t anything too special, it’s no longer a weapon to ignore in Season 6.

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