Beach bods and sand castles: Check out the new Paladins Battle Pass
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The Paladins Sun and Moon update brought us support champion Io alongside a full preview of the next Battle Pass. This summer-themed Pass is packed with new cosmetics, as always. It also comes with a healthy dose of something we arguably don’t get enough of in this game: female fan-service.

Beach Koga Paladins

The Battle Pass will unlock a ton of cosmetics, including eight champion skins. Champions Koga and Fernando are getting some community-approved summer looks, as are Kinessa and Auto Aim Woman Lian.

The Summer Battle Pass will last until September – so, all summer. Leveling through it all should be breezier than usual, as Hi-Rez has redesigned the progression system.

“We have adjusted Battle Pass challenges to be more player friendly. Tiers 1-5 will now be more thematic, and focused around a single champion. Battle Pass Plus challenges now unlock between levels 51-56 and award 1,000,000 experience each, allowing players to make progress on challenges at their own pace,” the update states.

Paladins Fernando summer battle pass skin

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Paladins’ Sun and Moon balance changes

As usual, this update also comes with a healthy helping of bug fixes and balance tweaks. This time, these changes focus on flank champions.

Androxus’ Cursed Cylinder – now named Cursed Revolver – increases his basic attack accuracy at the cost of damage. His ex-partner Lex is receiving an almost identical treatment with his Death Hastens talent, which will also reduce his ammo count. Both changes are being applied in response to community feedback.

Paladins Sun and Moon update

Koga is receiving a buff to his Cyclone Strike ultimate ability so that it charges up 40 percent faster. The Blood Reaper talent now increases Koga’s movement speed while using in the ultimate, instead of speeding up the charge rate and damage. This is a pretty fair trade.

Paladins champions Pip, Cassie, Moji, Maeve, Willo, Ying, and Lian are getting some minor changes too. Finally, the Kill to Heal item now only activates when destroying enemy champions.

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