COD Mobile shows off the new Gunsmith feature coming in Season 9
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A highly anticipated feature in COD Mobile was revealed yesterday, as the game’s Twitter account finally showcased the Gunsmith. Set to release in Season 9 of the popular mobile title, the Gunsmith is a feature from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Essentially, this allows players to fully customize a weapon and save it, so they don’t have to keep equipping the same attachments over and over again. While not the biggest addition in the world, this should make things much easier for the players in Create-A-Class. Season 9 of COD Mobile is set to begin on Thursday, August 6.

The Gunsmith in COD Mobile

Seemingly ripped straight from Modern Warfare, the Gunsmith in COD Mobile takes customization to a new level. With the feature, you can look at every attachment class of a certain weapon and customize it to your liking. This loadout will then be saved and you won’t have to customize that particular weapon again if you don’t want to. From the above video, it seems like more attachments are coming to the game in Season 9 to offer even more options.

You can also add some cosmetic items to your weapon in the Gunsmith. In addition to equipping a camo, you can now add stickers to each weapon. In total, there appear to be four spots to equip a sticker on any given gun. The stickers will presumably be earned through the Season 9 Battle Pass.

All of this put together is a pretty big step for COD Mobile. While it’s had the gameplay content covered, the game never really took advantage of Call of Duty‘s robust customization options. However, that’s now changed with the Gunsmith and other cosmetic additions.

COD Mobile Season 9 Gunsmith
Image via COD Mobile

Season 9 of the mobile title should release sometime during the afternoon (ET) this Thursday.

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