Fall Guys Big Yeetus update includes anti-cheat program
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If you have played Fall Guys over the last few weeks on PC, you’ve surely encountered players moving around at extreme speeds or flying. These cheats ruin games for honest players by making it impossible for them to win. Mediatonic, the developers of the game, introduced an anti-cheat system with their Big Yeetus update, which is now live.

The Big Yeetus and anti-cheatus update

The Big Yeetus was hinted at a few weeks ago and is now live. It turns out, it’s a giant spinning hammer that randomly spawns into maps to cause more chaos. There is no telling which maps it will spawn on or when it will spawn, but you can expect to get hit around even more when it does.

The update also includes “anti-cheatus” to help deal with hackers. Fall Guys is going to use the same anti-cheat software that Epic Games uses for Fortnite. This will help them detect and ban cheaters to prevent them from ruining games.

Fall Guys should feel fairer now

Don’t get your hopes up too high — hackers and cheaters always find ways around anti-cheat software. Take a look at Riot Games’ Valorant, which has one of the most stringent anti-cheat programs out there in Vanguard, and still faces problems with cheating.

At the very least, however, you can expect to see far less cheating going on. While more hardcore cheaters will undoubtedly continue attempting to find new exploits, the new anti-cheat software should discourage the average player from attempting to cheat out victories for those crowns.

Be sure to download the update for Fall Guys and check out the changes for yourself. Be on the lookout for the Big Yeetus and remember to always report those hackers and cheaters when you encounter them. Don’t get yeeted too hard out there! Let us know what you think about the new update.