Fall Guys releases a new minigame, region selection in mid-season update
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The latest mid-season update for Fall Guys arrived on PlayStation 4 and PC. With it comes a brand new level, updated features, and several returning costumes. Developer Mediatonic shared the patch notes on the game’s official Twitter account, along with a video showing everyone’s favorite beans bumbling around the new stage.

We’re all Big Fans of Fall Guys

The “Big Fan” stage seems to be a race-style map with players clambering to get to the finish line. Large, flat fans spin as players attempt to navigate the gaping holes between them. The stage has a similar feel to The Whirlygig map but reduced down to the most anxiety-inducing parts.

The other major change coming to the game is the Server Region Selector. This feature allows users to pick which region they want to find games in and has been highly requested by fans. Other changes came with the update, including improved stability when playing in parties and an in-game language option. Other smaller fixes were made with the update, like adjustments to jump inputs on Jump Showdown and fixing chances of falling on flat surfaces.

Also included in the Fall Guys update is a new show to pick from the Show Selector called Medieval Mix Up. This new show features all the new Round changes players can find in Season 2. Players can now also select multiple shows to help diversify the games in each match. Three maps now have a lower chance of appearing too: Medieval Rounds, Perfect Match, and Tail Tag.

Returning costumes and split-screen in Fall Guys

Perhaps the best change coming to Fall Guys is the return of older Crown Costumes. Players who missed out on a Crown Costume from earlier in the season or even from Season 1 no longer have to feel like they missed out. Mediatonic will now be including them in a regular rotation in the shop to purchase with crowns.

Mediatonic also commented on why Fall Guys does not have a split-screen feature — turns out it’s a bit more complicated than just plugging in a second controller. In response to an upset fan, Mediatonic stated that with each additional player, they would have to send more data to the servers, something they currently are not able to support. An additional player also means having to render multiple cameras which require more GPU usage. While it might not be feasible now, Mediatonic hopes to implement it someday.

The Fall Guys mid-update is live — check back with Daily Esports for more Fall Guys news.

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