Festive Fall Guys costumes bring the holidays to your beans
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‘Tis the season of giving for all the good (and bad) little beans in Mediatonic’s hit Fall Guys. Since Season 3 of Fall Guys is the Winter Knockout, it makes sense that a ton of new festive content has been added to the game. Along with some new costumes and skins is a goofy live-action trailer showing revealing some of the stuff coming to Fall Guys this season.

In the cute and wholesome live-action short, a pink little bean learns the true meaning of the season. The real meaning behind the holidays is winning crowns and dropping beans into goo pits. Mediatonic is giving away a little present for fans too. Anyone who plays Fall Guys from now to December 25 can grab a fun Santa outfit to wear while hunting down crowns. There is also a green Santa suit available, aptly named Stumble Claus, that comes at 7,000 kudos a piece.

Fall Guys costumes have become a major deal for the little beans. The first of what appears to be four costumes based on a donation contest from earlier this year released in December. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins had a blue-haired costume release after he partnered with G2 Esports, Aim Lab, and YouTube stuntman Jimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson to donate $1 million. Both pieces of the costume were available for one crown apiece, which is a really good deal for a costume.

Players can pick up the Winter Warmer Bundle if they link their account with Amazon Prime Gaming. The bundle includes a cozy-looking sweater and pants to keep your bean warm, as well as three crowns for players to spend. Every month from now until May of 2021 players can sign in and grab a new costume and hopefully some new crowns.

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