FNCS NAE Week 3: Saf, Zayt, HighSky, and Commandment take another
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The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) saw a repeat winner in the North American East (NAE) region in Week 3. Williams “Zayt” Aubin, Rocco “Saf” Morales, Tyler “HighSky” Tereso, and Josh “Commandment” Roach won their second week of the FNCS. The squad won the first week by a huge margin, being one of the best performances that Fortnite has ever seen. Now, they came back for more in Week 3.

Similarly to the European region, NAE saw issues with players unable to enter games. The problem is then enhanced as even if only one player cannot join, the entire game does not count. Oftentimes, only one player does not enter. Then the other three players are left useless as the points they score do not count. Epic Games has yet to address the problems. These issues caused problems across multiple weeks and regions.

Another win for Zayt, Saf, HighSky, and Commandment

Dominating the first week was not enough for this squad. Zayt, Saf, HighSky and Commandment wasted no time getting started in Week 3 of FNCS. The squad won the first game and eliminated 12 players. Next, they went on to win the third game with 14 eliminations. Those two wins put them in a great position with 59 total points through the first three games. Then Zayt, Saf, HighSky, and Commandment did just enough in the remaining matches to secure the victory for the week. They ended with 73 total points.

In second place, a well-known squad of Turner “Tfue” Tenney, Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore, “Khanada,” and Alex “Fiber” Bonetello fell just three points short. They played consistently and racked up eliminations to secure second place. The squad finished with 35 total eliminations and 36 placement points. They showed great balance during Week 3 of FNCS.

Top 10 teams qualify

Each week in North American East, squads battle through three separate rounds. The final round determines which teams advance. The top 10 teams of that final round qualify for the Season Finals. Here are the top 10 for the week:

  1. TSM Comadon, NRG Zayt, SEN HighSky, Ghost Saf – 73 points
  2. Khanada, clkzy, Liquid Fiber, Tfue – 71 points
  3. Hajie., Ace1xx, Ρroblеm, YT.Zimeo – 69 points
  4. E11 Grazca, BBG Clank, BBG Ajay, E11 daxor.  – 68 points
  5. Ghost thwifo, SEN Bugha, RS ClarityG, Liquid STRETCH – 61 points
  6. Clix, blakeps, LZR Crimz, MSF Spades – 53 points
  7. FaZe Megga, Ghost Bizzle, Rogue Eclipsae, FaZe Dubs – 53 points
  8. A1 GHOUL, nоsh, chaоtic, pape1x – 53 points
  9. FaZe Bini, FaZe Diggy, nanоlite, Shaedess – 45 points
  10. Misfits Arab, OT Inspyre, Cаzz, E11 Agholor – 43 points

FNCS Week 3 awards

These are the top-performing and standout players from the third week of the Fortnite Champion Series:

  • Most eliminations: (42) – Hajie., Ace1xx, Ρroblеm, YT.Zimeo
  • Best average placement: (5.5) – Ghost thwifo, SEN Bugha, RS ClarityG, Liquid STRETCH
  • Highest-elimination game: (Two teams tied with 14 eliminations) – TSM Comadon, NRG Zayt, SEN HighSky, Ghost Saf / Hajie., Ace1xx, Ρroblеm, YT.Zimeo

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