How to play Melee Defender Snorlax in Pokémon UNITE
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Snorlax is one of the five starters that players can choose after completing the tutorial for Pokémon UNITE. Fittingly, he is an easy-to-learn character who can provide a great deal of utility for his team. Here’s a closer look at how players can best take advantage of Snorlax’s strengths.

A closer look at Snorlax in Pokémon UNITE

Snorlax is classified as a Melee attacker in Pokémon UNITE. This means that he does well in close quarters combat, but he cannot easily attack opponents from a distance. He is also a Defender, making him well-suited to support his allies in fights. In particular, his incredibly high Endurance stat allows him to soak up damage, giving his less defensive partners more time to attack.

Snorlax’s passive ability is called Gluttony. This ability increases the effect of any berries that he eats in the field. While Snorlax is capable of getting kills and scoring goals on his own, it’s better for him to focus on providing assistance to teammates with better Offense and Scoring stats.

Offensive moves

Unlike many other characters in Pokémon UNITE, Snorlax begins the game fully evolved. At Level 1, he can choose to learn either Tackle or Rest, with the move he doesn’t choose becoming available to him at Level 3.

Starting with Tackle immediately gives Snorlax access to an offensive option stronger than his Basic Attacks. This can help him rack up kills against wild Pokémon and gain experience early on in the match. Once he learns Rest, he has the option to retreat from battle and heal himself up when necessary.

At Level 6, Snorlax can upgrade Tackle into either Heavy Slam or Flail. Heavy Slam is the preferred option, as Snorlax locks on to nearby opponents, leaps on top of them and knocks them into the air. This leaves his opponents briefly susceptible to ally attacks. At Level 11, Snorlax can upgrade the move to increase its damage output.

This move can help the relatively slow Snorlax chase after retreating enemies, and it can even be used to jump over walls. As a result, players could potentially use Heavy Slam to steal a weakened Zapdos from the opposing team.

Defensive moves

At Level 8, Snorlax can upgrade Rest into either Block or Yawn. Block is ideal as it is an incredibly useful support option. Upon using Block, Snorlax creates a movable wall that acts as a shield, providing some protection to himself and his nearby teammates. At Level 13, Snorlax can upgrade the move to limit the amount of damage he can take while it is in effect.

With Block, Snorlax can support his allies in teamfights or against strong wild Pokémon, like Zapdos. In addition, the shield he creates will push back and briefly stun any opposing Pokémon that run into it. For this reason, Snorlax can also use Block to defend his teammates as they try to score goals in enemy territory.

Snorlax’s Unite Move is Power Nap, which allows him to gradually regain health while dealing some damage to opponents. In addition, he has the option roll over during this move, dealing additional damage to enemies in the area of effect. However, Snorlax can still take damage while this move is in use, leaving him somewhat vulnerable if the opposing team gangs up on him.

Snorlax's stats in Pokémon UNITE.
Snorlax functions as a strong Defender thanks to his incredibly high Endurance stat. | Screenshot provided by Pokémon UNITE

Optimal item build

As a bulky Defender, Snorlax benefits from an item build that enables him to survive as long as possible in Pokémon UNITE. Leftovers can help with this, as it will slowly restore some of his HP when he is not in battle. This is especially beneficial once Snorlax replaces Rest with Block, thus losing the ability to heal himself without using his Unite Move.

With the Rocky Helmet, Snorlax will inflict chip damage on any Pokémon trying to kill him. Finally, the Assault Vest ups Snorlax’s Special Defense when he is not actively fighting. These Held Items work together to keep Snorlax relatively safe outside of battle.

While Heavy Slam is useful for chasing down retreating opponents, the fact that it automatically locks onto an enemy Pokémon means Snorlax can’t use it to retreat himself. For this reason, the Eject Button is his ideal Battle Item. The Eject Button grants Snorlax a burst option that can help him escape dangerous situations.

Snorlax’s playstyle in Pokémon UNITE

Due to his mediocre mobility, Snorlax is best suited for the lanes rather than the jungle in Pokémon UNITE. Specifically, the game recommends he take the top path, where he can support allies attempting to kill Rotom and fend off enemies trying to score on his team’s nearby goal.

Early on, Snorlax can afford to engage in some fights, as he can escape with the Eject Button and heal up with Rest when necessary. However, he really begins to shine in his role as a support-oriented Pokémon once he learns Block. With Block, he becomes a potent mid-to-late-game asset for his team. Because of his status as a Defender, Snorlax will generally want to stick with at least one ally Pokémon rather than running off on his own.

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