How to play Slowbro in Pokemon UNITE
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Slowbro is one of the Pokemon that you get for free when downloading Pokemon Unite. Fortunately, he provides some of the best utility moves in the game in combination with great base stats. Let’s dive deep on how to properly play this hulking beast.

Introducing Slowbro in Pokemon Unite

Slowbro is a Defender Pokemon with a ranged attack. It’s main purpose is to play as a frontline–engaging fights with his crowd control abilities. Slowbro can not only start fights, but stay alive in the middle of them. Slowbro’s primary ability, Oblivious, allows him to take gradual health point loss. This means the damage he takes will be doled out over time instead of immediately, allowing Slowbro to survive much longer.

Slowbro Pokemon Unite
The blue bar on Slowbro’s health bar represents the damage he will gradually take. | Provided by RaZzi YouTube

The combination of his Surf and Telekinesis moves allow him to lock down targets while maintaining his own tankiness. His Amnesia ability can be taken instead of telekinesis and raises his Special Defense stat if more defense is needed. Overall, Slowbro provides all that is needed for the tank support players out there.

Slowbro Skill Build in Pokemon Unite

Slowbro begins as a Slowpoke with two moves that are learned at Level 1 and 2, Water Gun and Slack off. It is recommended to take Water Gun first because the move can damage the Neutral Pokemon.

Water gun move
Water Gun’s ability description. | Provided by

After evolving into Slowbro at Level 4, the first priority will be getting the Surf ability. In almost every game, Surf is the ability of choice. Surf is able to damage enemy Pokemon in a rectangle area in front of Slowbro by launching three waves. More importantly, it also knocks enemy and neutral Pokemon up, allowing your allies to freely damage the enemy. As the move gets upgraded, the waves do more damage each time.

Surf move for Slowbro in Pokemon Unite
Slowbro’s Surf ability, his main fighting ability. | Provided by Rankedboost

As for Slack Off, players have the choice to upgrade this ability at Level 6. Slowbro has a choice between Amnesia or Telekinesis. In situations where your team has no Defender Pokemon other than Slowbro, it is advised to take Amnesia. The move allows Slowbro to get much tankier and even be immune to Hindrances for a short period of time. On the other hand, if your team is full of Attackers like Cinderace, Gengar and Pikachu, it is recommended to take Telekinesis. The combination of Surf and Telekinesis allows Slowbro to output more crowd control than most Pokemon in the game. A particular Pokemon to look out for is Gengar. When facing a Gengar, take Telekinesis in order to stop the Gengar from moving and allow your allies to burst him down.

Telekinesis for Slowbro In Pokemon Unite
Telekinesis allows Slowbro to lock down enemies. | Provided by Rankedboost

Finally, Slowbro’s Unite move, Slow Beam, provides the same effect as Telekinesis. However, it also damages the enemy and renders Slowbro immune to Hindrances. It should be taken whenever possible.

Slowbro’s Playstyle

When the game starts, Slowbro will still be a Slowpoke till Level 4. The main priority for a Slowbro player is to get the evolution as soon as possible, and in turn, Surf. After Level 4, Slowbro should look to initiate fights with any attackers by his side. When initiating with Slowbro keep in mind that Telekinesis or Slow Beam Unite should be used on the enemy team’s main attacker. These can include: Gengar, Machamp, Cinderace and Greninja. If the enemy team goes on your Attacker, remember to Surf them away as fast as possible. At places where enemies tend to group up, such as the Drednaw or Rotom spawn areas, look for the enemy to bunch up, then use Surf. Finally, a great tip is to use Surf against an obstacle, as it allows the enemies to get knocked on to them, and have nowhere to escape.

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