sponsors Ben Stark, seeking to sponsor more
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Ben Stark is a professional Magic: The Gathering player and streamer. After ChannelFireball dropped their sponsorship for Stark, saw their opportunity to support Ben’s content and get their name out there. We’re going to go over who they are, what they do, and how to be sponsored by them.

What is

Magemarket is a site dedicated to providing a safe way to trade and sell Magic cards. Other sites boast similar services, but Magemarket goes the extra mile. If you trade on their site, the trade will go through their warehouse to authenticate the legitimacy of the cards. Because of their authentication process, you cannot be the victim of a fake card scam!

In addition, they also have a functional mobile application. While it may not sound remarkable, not many trade sites have apps.

Finally, Magemarket also hosts a lot of written content over on their blog page.

Magemarket is looking to sponsor more

Daily Esports was able to have a quick chat with Magemarket following the announcement of their Ben Stark sponsorship. We were told that Magemarket is interested in finding more sponsorship opportunities within the MTG community and that Ben Stark’s sponsorship is just the start. They’re looking to sponsor creators and pros of all sizes who want to support their brand with a focus on video content. So, if you’re a pro player, streamer, or community member of any size, check out their sponsorship page to learn about their sponsorship tiers and how they conduct business.


This is an exciting time for MTG, what with Throne of Eldraine spoilers and the growth of MTG Arena. coming in as a sponsor adds to the excitement, because the more sponsored content creators we have, the more content they can create. More content grows the community, and that’s never a bad thing.