LCS Spring Proving Grounds - No Org take down Cloud9 Academy
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No Org have defeated the formidable Cloud9 Academy in a 3-1 victory, winning the first-ever LCS Spring Proving Grounds. Having lost to C9 Academy in the semi-finals, No Org clawed their way back through the losers bracket to secure a rematch.

The 2021 LCS Spring Proving Grounds is the first circuit for League of Legends in North America that allows any team to compete against LCS academy teams.

No Org’s win shows the strength and development of NA’s amateur League scene. The win also makes No Org the first LCS Proving Grounds champion, as the tournament was only introduced this year.

No Org’s journey to LCS Spring Proving Grounds Champions

No Orgs jouney to finals of LCS proving grounds
Image provided by Liquipedia

No Org, like the name implies, represents players belonging to no organization. After the disbandment of their previous team, ANEW Esports, these five players and its coaching staff decided to stick together. With no organization or sponsors, No Org members created an impressive amateur roster.

All five players from No Org are no strangers to competitive League of Legends. Their carry top laner Omran “V1per” Shoura has played for Dignitas and FlyQuest in the LCS. V1Per, a star solo queue top laner, struggled to show consistency in his time at FlyQuest.

Just like V1Per, Andy “AnDa” Hoang is also familiar with the LCS. AnDa moved from several LCS teams and academies over the years. While he was a good team player in general, he never really improved his teams as a jungler.

Furthermore, both Terry “Big” Choung and Aidan “5fire” Reckamp also had LCS and academy stints. Big is a player that has been in NA’s competitive League scene for almost eight years, while 5fire struggled to find any LCS openings despite being one of NA’s most talked-about upcoming mid-talents. Ross “Value” Luppino is the only member of the roster without any LCS or academy history.

Regardless of any struggles the No Org members faced, the team focused on proving themselves as worthy LCS competitors. They entered Proving Grounds as the number one amateur team in NA, taking down the 100 Thieves Academy in the loser bracket semi-finals with a clean 3-0 win.

No Org’s future after victory

The 2021 LCS Spring Proving Grounds is most likely the last time all five players will play in the same roster. All of them are keen to represent teams in the LCS and their performance at Proving Grounds could provide that opportunity. With the LCS offseason already underway, it will be no surprise to see some of these No Org players sign for LCS teams.

The LCS Proving Grounds continues next season with a new format, beginning with qualifiers from August 9 to 19.

Jimoh Rashidat is a freelance esports writer with over two years of experience. She covers FIFA, League of Legends and general gaming content.