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The first day of the Rocket League World Championship Series Season 7 (RLCS7) just concluded and was host to some amazing goals. Here’s our pick of the action.

Tander – Cloud9 vs. Lowkey

A great one-two passing play between Gabriel “Caard” Vieira and Enzo “Tander” Toledo took Kyle “Torment” Storerout of the game. Tander then faked Jesus “Gimmick” Parra just before placing the ball into the net.


NRG had a very close call with INTZ. Matheus “Matix” Rodrigues showed great speed to beat Justin “jstn” Morales to the ball and center it to Diogo “PJ” Sanches Ferme, who then placed it perfectly. This was a testament to the level of play South American RL could offer to the RLCS.

Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon (center) sighs with relief after NRG scrape a game 5 victory against INTZ at RLCS7.

Scrub Killa – Renault Vitality vs. Ground Zero

This goal from Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson shows just how quickly being on defense can transfer into a goal. Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant purposely plays the ball off the ceiling to beat Christopher “Siki” Magee to the ball, while also setting up Scrub Killa for a great close-range shot.

Kaydop – Renault Vitality vs. Ground Zero

Kaydop closed out this RLCS7 series against Ground Zero with a very well controlled and executed backboard double touch, to shoot it passed two defenders from a very tight angle.

Alpha54 – FC Barcelona vs. Rogue

Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois transferred from making a goal-line save and taking the ball up field for a ceiling shot. Even after missing his own corner boost, Alpha54 still managed to outclass the defender with his great mid-air car control.

Wonder – FC Barcelona vs. Rogue

In this RLCS7 series, Cameron “Kronovi” Bills took a larger supportive role and was able to set up Nicholas “Wonder” Blackerby for an amazing mid-air backboard double touch, which he was able to drop down into the net over two FC Barcelona defenders.

Kassio – Cloud9 vs. Triple Trouble

After a very tense opening game, Andy “Kassio” Landais was able to fight back and take a game from Cloud9. This great one-two defensive passed into a 91 mph (146 KPH) boomer to end the overtime.

Squishy – Cloud9 vs Triple Trouble

It wouldn’t be RLCS if we didn’t get to see Mariano “Squishy” Arruda showing us high-level mid-air car and ball control. In this shot, Squishy completely changes the direction of the ball from the wall to then place it in the top corner.

RLCS7 continues tomorrow on the Rocket League Twitch Channel. You can check out our recap of the day and stay tuned for our next goal highlight reel.

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