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The Rogue Company alpha begins soon, with a tentative release window of Dec. 18-19. While you wait for the alpha launch, check out our quick intro for seven of the playable mercenaries in the game. We have divided them in two groups based on what role we believe they might play: offensive and defensive. Keep in mind that Rogue Company is still in development and everything below is subject to change as the game evolves.

Offensive Rogue Company mercenaries

Rogue Company’s initial roster will feature a healthy dose of flankers, pushers, and kill-securers. The epitome of an assassin, Blur has the ability to temporarily silence her footsteps and increase her movement speed. She can close the gap to enemy operatives with ease and finish them off quickly, taking advantage of her passive ability — on dodge rolls, her weapon is instantly reloaded. Blur’s sidearm appears to be an SMG, and she has access to sticky bombs and smoke grenades.

Diva is another mercenary we view as most likely offensive, although he would prefer to keep some distance. A flamboyant and seemingly unhinged combatant, Diva starts with a revolver and seems to have access to a sniper rifle, a portable missile launcher, and smoke grenades. He is also shown brandishing two pistol-sized SMGs, but it isn’t clear if they are part of his kit.

Rogue Company Anvil merc Hi-Rez
Anvil is the tankiest Rogue Company merc we know of so far.

Mercenaries Dallas and Phoenix are less all-out but still definitely on the offensive end of the spectrum. Dallas’ Tracker ability lets him mark the highest-scoring enemy player briefly, revealing them to Dallas’ entire team. Dallas has a revolver for a sidearm and has access to an assault rifle. For his part, Phoenix can fearlessly push into enemy territory and find his targets directly. His Stim Pack ability lets him regenerate 75 percent of his health or revive himself when downed.

Defensive Rogue Company mercenaries

On the other end of the spectrum, Rogue Company has some dedicated choices designed for defense, objective control, and area denial. Trench can place down Barbed Wire traps – enemy players caught in them are briefly slowed and revealed. Another mercenary, whose name is not known yet, can revive downed teammates with the use of a drone she controls.

Finally, Anvil is a tanky merc who can place down a Barricade and stop a few incoming projectiles with an Active Protection gadget. In addition to these tools, Anvil has access to a shotgun, an LMG, and C-4 charges. He is passively immune to EMP, Slowdown, and Disorient effects.

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