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A couple of days ago Wizards of the Coast announced that they would be hosting a special event on Magic: The Gathering Arena. To celebrate Throne of Eldraine rotation, we’re getting an event that lets you play literally any Standard deck! Let’s look at the details and then check out the latest MTG Arena free code.

Throne of Eldraine event information

For this special event, you will have access to four of every card in Standard! Then once you’ve designed a deck, you get to play it against others. There are a variety of rewards for every level of success, but winning 11 or 12 games without losing two will earn you a crazy reward: one of every single card in Throne of Eldraine.

Throne of Edlraine, win every card, MTG Arena, event

In the above text, you can see the rewards you will get for how well you do. The absolute worst-case scenario is you get to play a cool deck and get a free rare card and Golden Egg sleeve.

Time for an MTG Arena free code!

That’s right! Standard rotation is nearing, which means we’ll be playing in a very different format just a few days from now. In order to help people get into the new Standard, Wizards of the Coast is giving everyone 10 rare wildcards, letting everyone participate in the above event, and giving everyone access to the following free code: FiveBonusLevels.

This code will give you five free levels on your Mastery Pass levels! If you bought the Mastery Pass, then this is even more value as it makes sure you get more value for the $20 you spent three months ago.


MTG Arena is going through some crazy times. Rotation is only a few days away and we’re getting a lot of cool events. If you want to keep up with more MTG news, be sure to check out our MTG page!