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Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine spoilers kicked off last week with our new Planeswalker, but today is the official start of the season. We’ve had some super cool MTG Arena cards revealed so far, so let’s get into it!

Big Eldraine reveals

  • Once Upon a Time: A play on Ancient Stirrings, Once Upon a Time is a crazy cool card that, conditionally, is free to cast. Historically free spells have been an issue in older formats, so we’ll see just how busted this can be soon!
  • Mystical Dispute: Throne of Eldraine continues the color hate theme we saw in Core Set 2020, but this time it’s blue hating on blue.
  • Questing Beast: A green monster with a load of keywords on it. If you hate control decks and token decks, this is probably the card for you.
  • Embercleave: Instant speed red equipment! This is one of the most aggressive equipment cards they’ve made in a while.

More Throne of Eldraine spoilers

Of course, there were a ton of spoilers today and we just can’t cover them all, so here are a few more:

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Above, there are a few Throne of Eldraine cards that we can look at a bit more. Let’s check those out:

  • Murderous Rider: This is super solid removal for control decks or black decks in general. Being both a removal spell and a creature is very nice value for one card.
  • Witch’s Vengeance: Did you hear that? The screams of millions of Elf, Goblin, and Humans players all screaming out in terror? Seriously, Tribal decks already had it bad with Plague Engineer; this is just overkill.
  • Giant Killer: Tap creatures have always been solid in Standard, and now we’ll have another one for aggressive decks in MTG Arena. In addition to tapping, however, it also works as removal, which is very nice.


If you want to keep up to date on spoilers, be sure to follow our MTG news page! Daily Esports will have breakdown articles on new big Throne of Eldraine spoilers and daily recaps to keep you informed every day of spoilers season.