Fortnite Alien Artifacts - All the drop locations for week 1
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Epic Games has gone all in with the new alien-themed season of Fortnite. Chapter 2 – Season 7 delivers some of the most varied content the game has seen in some time. There are add-ons to existing mechanics, new mechanics altogether and a plethora of new items and features.

Among the new features is a change to the Battle Pass system. Players can now unlock the skins they want instead of having to slog through unwanted cosmetics. One of the most desired skins is Kymera, an alien who looks quite unique among the cast of characters in Season 7. Not only that, but Kymera can be fully customized through a new item called Alien Artifacts.

These items are scattered across the island but their locations change with every passing week. So, where are the Alien Artifacts in week one?

The week one Alien Artifacts in Fortnite Season 7

In week one, there are five total Alien Artifacts up for grabs. There’s no indication as to if this number will change, but players will need to save up their artifacts for specific Kymera upgrades.

As for where the Alien Artifacts are in week one, Fortnite leaker @HYPEX has outlined where players can find them.

All players need to do is interact with the artifact when they see it. This will count toward the grand total for the player’s Kymera skin and allow the upgrade process to begin. The first couple of upgrades in each cosmetic category can be purchased with the first five artifacts. However, some cost up to 17 artifacts, meaning players have a ton of work to do before they can access the full slate of upgrades.

If players don’t want to explore to find the artifacts, they can try their luck with Cosmic Chests. Another new Fortnite feature, the Cosmic Chests can give out Alien Artifacts, although they’re not a guaranteed reward for players.

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