What we learned from the Florida Mutineers Home Series
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After four days of action, upsets and close matches at every turn, the Florida Mutineers Home Series has concluded. Some teams either further cemented their place for the Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major or completely lost their footing. There’s only one more event before the Major and the bracket is beginning to take shape.

There were three takeaways at the Florida Home Series that give the community an idea of what to expect moving forward.

1. Trouble is brewing for the LA Thieves

The most disappointing team in 2021 is arguably the LA Thieves. They kicked off the year with a star-studded roster that looked to take the league by storm. This didn’t happen, however, so they formed yet another roster that looked to turn things around. Two weeks later, that roster fell apart. Now, the Thieves are left with remnants from both rosters and look worse than ever.

LA only managed to win one map in their two matches at the Florida Home Series. They kicked off the event with a loss to the Paris Legion and finished with a horrendous showing against Atlanta FaZe. No member of the roster stepped up in either game, as they were dismantled in nearly every map.

Something desperately needs to change for LA. Otherwise, they could be looking at quick exits at the Stage 4 Major and, eventually, Champs.

2. The Florida Mutineers are for real

Coming into Stage 4, no one expected much out of Florida. They finished Stage 3 with a disappointing showing at the Major and didn’t make any roster changes. However, they’re proving that teams can turn the ship around with their performance in Stage 4.

At their home series, they went 1-1, with a loss against New York and a win against LAG. The loss to New York was disappointing but the Mutineers have proved they can hang with the best in the CDL. It was a tight 3-2 loss but it very well could have had a different outcome if not for a few mistakes.

Florida has a tough test against Dallas Empire next week but they’re certainly a team to watch heading into the Major.

3. Atlanta FaZe look unstoppable

There have been few teams as dominant as Atlanta in Call of Duty esports history. The team continues to completely annihilate other teams, no matter their standing.

Over the weekend, FaZe swept both Seattle and LAT without as much sweat. In Stage 4, they’ve only dropped one map, and that was to Paris Legion. Things have become so easy for Atlanta that they were caught casually laughing midway through a map.

At this point, it’s unclear which team could stop the freight train of Atlanta. Perhaps Toronto, as they’ve done it before, or New York, who holds a winning record against FaZe. However, between those two teams and the rest of the CDL, the odds aren’t in anyone’s favor.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.